History of Thailand Tobacco Monopoly

75th Anniversary of TTM and

120th Anniversary of Luang Chamnanyutthasilp


Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, a state enterprise under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, was established in 1939 according to the Cabinet’s resolution. TTM operates in the tobacco production and distribution business in order to contribute revenue to the State for the country development and plays an important role in the economic system of Thailand. It has been engaged in Thai society for a long time and gone through a lot of challenges but still managed to sustain for the 4 eras as follows:

The era of business establishment and merging


As Greater East Asia War crisis had a great impact on the whole existing tobacco business in Siam, in that period, the government purchased tobacco business from private companies to operate on its own under the supervision of the Excise Tax Department and later became under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Finance and named it “Thailand Tobacco Monopoly”, taking 19 April 1939 as its establishment day. In 1950, Major General Luang Chamnanyutthasilp, TTM’s Director, purchased the land in Khlong Toei area with over 600 Rais to function as TTM administrative center and named it “Chamnanyutthasilp Building 1958”.

The glorious era of Thailand tobacco business

TTM’s business has progressed significantly. Smoking became popular among Thai people as a result of Western values and the proclamation of Tobacco Act B.E. 2509, allowing the State to acquire a monopoly of cigarette production. Therefore, Thailand’s tobacco industry finally reached the peak, enabling TTM to manufacture adequate tobacco products that meet the market’s need and to become one of the top list state enterprises contributing with high income to the State.

The era of adjusting for development

In addition to the issuance of 2 major acts, Tobacco Product Control Act B.E. 2533 and Non-Smokers’ Health Protection Act B.E. 2535, allowing foreign cigarettes to be legally distributed in

Thailand in 1990 severely affected TTM’s cigarette selling, causing TTM to modify its operational plan and measureing on the organizational development to enhance its ability to compete amidst the social change and economic conditions.

The era of sustainable development

Nowadays, TTM has still served as significant cog for the country’s economic development. Due to its operation in tobacco business for a long time, TTM always recognizes that we are the government agency which is a part of the society. TTM will not conduct any activities that might be against the State’s policies and will not support more cigarette consumption. TTM will only maintain this business to support the needs of adult smokers and income from cigarette production and distribution for Thai people and the nation. TTM has prepared to relocate the tobacco plant from Khlong Toei to Rojana Industrial Park, Ayutthaya Province. The new plant has been constructed with energy conservation under the concept “Factory in the Park”. TTM is ready to move forward to become a leading busines organization while upholding social responsibilities with good conscience as always.