Committees and Sub-committees

Committees and Sub-committees

Appointed by TTM Board of Directors and Their Authorities

1. Audit Committee

Being established as a sub-committee in order to support the state enterprise in governing its business, internal control, risk management, and internal audit; ensuring that the operation of TTM is efficient, effective, and cost-saving in accordance with the Regulation of Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, Ministry of Finance, on TTM’s Audit Committee B.E. 2556, Chapter 2

2. Relations Affairs Committee of Thailand Tobacco Monopoly

Having the authorities as stated in the State Enterprise Labor Relations Act B.E. 2543, Chapter 2, Relations Affairs Committee, Section 23 with a two-year term

3. Audit Committee on the Terms of Reference (TOR) and Specifications of Machinery of the New Plant, Rojana Industrial Park, Ayutthaya

1) Deliberating on the terms of reference (TOR) and specifications for the auction of providing, installing, testing, and activating machinery and equipment of the Primary Process (Contract M-01a) and Secondary Process (Contract M-02a) of cigarette production so as to meet transparency and accuracy based on related regulations

2) Studying and analyzing the production power of the Primary Process (Contract M-01a) and Secondary Process (Contract M-02a) and giving suggestions for production adjustment to be consistent with present situations and future plans of TTM

3) Suggesting, editing, and improving the method and process of machinery procurement− contract M-01a and M-02a

4) Supervising the procurement of machinery and equipment for the new plant (TTM 6) to be consistent with policies and operational plans assigned and approved by the Board of Directors

5) Monitoring the purchasing operations of the new plant project

6) Monitoring the performance of the project advisor

7) Establishing, amending, and cancelling the project-related committees, sub-committees, working groups, and individuals as well as determining and improving their structuies and authorities in order that the new plant project keeps on effectively

4. Sub-Committee on Strategic and Risk Management

1) Considering and reviewing the short-term or annual operating plans and long-term or strategic plan at least once a year or if necessary before proposing the plans to the Board of Directors